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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The spring in my step will be gone in the morning

Don't let yourself think too long or you'll convince yourself you're a functioning adult.
A good camera and a video editing system would be all it too. Also hours of work but it's sounding more and more appealing but success isn't imminent and I need someone to remind me of this. My eyes are burning and my head hurts, but it's what happens when you revert back to eyeglasses after blissful years of contact lenses.
My handwriting consists of a swoopy flow of letters, without picking up the pencil and without thinking too hard about what I'm doing. It just falls from my hands and I let it.
I've never seen her when she hasn't been wearing that brown belt. But eh now, watch your words. I know we're all thinking it but when you actually believe it that's when you've made the wrong decision.  She isn't an idiot, she's just a little flighty. But she's kinder than you'll ever be.
I'm a bit of an Amazon. You insult one of my girls and I will tear your head off without remorse. I get that from my mother.
Fingernails always look so good while they're still wet but the instant they start to dry the entire world sets out to destroy their lovely sheen.


Wow, haven't done that for a while. It was kind of fun.
Hi there, other blog. Haven't posted on you in a while. How have you been? :]