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Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is getting predictable

I should not ever take naps in the day.
Someone please remember me of this next time I fall asleep to the Merlin theme song at the end of the episode.
My head still feels fuzzy and my tongue still feels heavy and my eyes are dry and I'm terribly full of thoughts that wouldn't be here at 10.34 pm if I had just stayed awake.

I wonder since my brother works nights every time is morning to him?
 ...because, when he wakes, it is his morning,
and when he eats his lunch, it is past midnight,
and when he comes home, the sun has risen and it is again morning.

I like to live with time.

Forever is a hard thing to comprehend and I'm glad someone out there is Timeless because otherwise

otherwise I don't even know

I said it was hard to comprehend.

Well I had hoped this would be more quality

but wer're running out of time now

and of course

I have deteriourated into writing as though my life is a poem again

just like i do

with every thing

oh and look there went my grammar whoops

this is getting predictable

i just don't know

I just don't know

can I not care for a while

is that okay

I need a break

but I'd rather have a breakthrough



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