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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Space Cadets Sans Cash

Once upon a time there was a girl named Laura who wanted to be an intergalactic space trader.  (No, don't laugh, this is a serious story here.)

She wanted more than anything to soar across the black nothing of space and show off her wares to the locals before settling on a deal and taking her new goods to the next planet/comet/moon/dwarf.

So this girl moved to Pluto, where she adopted the planet as her own (capitalizing on those pretentious earth people's decision to hurl it from their galactic family) and got a very nice deal on it through her Realtor. It cost her next to nothing, a true once-in-a-light-year opportunity.

But even though it was a nice deal, a planet is still very expensive (even a dwarf planet like Pluto).  Since Laura spent all of her money on the planet, she had to sell her space ship, leaving her stranded on her little icy blue home.

However, about that time her long lost cousin Ernest was puttering through the neighborhood in his new space ship X-actor 3000, the very latest model.  It was extremely expensive, and he had to sell all HE owned to buy it!  (Including his house, his vacuum cleaner collection, and his pet cat, Melvin).


Well that was fun.  I may or may not finish it, but it was fun. :]