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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

walking to stay upright

It all depends on where you put your eyes.
Are you looking down?  Are you examining the grains of sand in the dirt at your feet, the flecks of leaves, the million tiny particles that are piled on top of one another so far down that there isn't a clue in the world as to how deep they really go?  Are you looking at your toes, watching the scuffs on the white rubber, the stains that tell stories, just like the first one you tried so hard to avoid collecting?
Are you looking right in front of you, watching where you put one foot at a time, one foot and then the other and then that one and so on as you go?  Are you watching for pitfalls, holes, miry trenches and traps and twists and nettles?  Are you surprised when you find some flowers?
Or do you look beyond, far beyond?  Are you looking so far you see the sun in the sky and the distant horizon, straining to see the sea so far ahead of you?  Are you watching ever for what's to come, always looking forward and heading towards that hopeful future?

I think it all depends on where we look.  And someday we seek the small things and the details, sometimes we're just walking to stay upright, and then there are those days when nothing matters but the only things that matter and those are so far beyond us we don't see the ground at all.

It's all there.

But it all depends on where you put your eyes.

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