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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ambivalent (Vital) Mirages

running fleeing skittering
out out out
it's going going going

running away
Away but what reason
what reasons compel them
compel them to do so
to do such harm

To me there is no reason
but that's just my opinion
but what can you do but watch
and what does she do but look unsure
and watch them run to the dark corners
the darkest dark and blackest black corners
and they're gone

and whence have they gone?
what shall we do whilst they disappear?
What can we do?
Where could you ever go
where can i ever go
to find what's vanished
to reveal what's hidden
to chase down what runs too fast
to claim what can't be held
and see again what cannot be seen?
and yet
here they are
 but yet
only as
as ever
they are
only perhaps

Perhaps holds no promises nor compels them to stay


  1. Whee! There you are =D I missed seeing your posts :)
    That's a really fast-paced read! I love it!