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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweaters and Stripes

Grey and teal stripes, cinched at the waist.  A brown suede&knit sweater plethorated with grommits.  Flare jeans.  Grey mary-jane-esque flats. Hair parted to the most lefterly side of your scalp possible, and a messy-but-slightly-sophisticated bun. Mismatching earrings, one dangling, one long.

A grey cardigan.  Navy and striped shirt.  Skinny jeans.  Classic chucks.   Messy bun, bangs hanging to the side of the face. Dangling locket.  Stud earrings.

A green, flowy sweater. It's three-quarter length. An orange and cream striped tank, and a grey one.  A big black belt.  A black and grey pattern-mottled scarf. Hair down in curly waves, a black headband. Seven bracelets, hemp, rubber, beaded, what have you. Again the skinny jeans, again the flats.

I don't really plan my outfits but February seems to be of stripes and sweaters.  I want desperately a pair of red skinny jeans to wear with my blue and tan striped shirt but I think it's only because I have an image of a singer that I love wearing something similar.

I don't really have a style at all.  I just throw things on.  Grab something from my mom's closet.  I have a darling friend who seems to have a very particular, lovely and lacy style that I can't get enough of.  But for me?  Let's rummage and see what we end up with.


Don't really know why I felt like writing about clothes.  I do like the way I've been parting my hair lately, maybe that was instrumental in its making.

Can't find a picture of the singer.  It's Louis Tomlinson, dontcha know, from 1D, but you actually probably didn't because I'm so hipster.  Or something. (Not really.)

I swear there is one, though.  It's going to bother me now.

I also don't know if plethorated is a word, but it should be, for I use it adroitly almost every day.

Anyway.  Happy Thursday.  Sorry I haven't posted in a while. :]

 He's on the leftest left.  Red jeans and a blue and white striped shirt.  I knew it. :D


  1. Ditto ;) Also, you're very good at painting images--I can see every single one of the outfits you described, and I think they must all look lovely on you =)

  2. Louis Tomlinson has great style. Much respect for you right now. His outfit in their music video "One Thing" is awesome. :]

  3. Aww, thanks, Ami. :] Means a lot. :D

    Also. SHANLEIGH. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KNOW 1D!! Love them love them love them love them. Ohmigosh. Best thing ever.
    And yessss I love him so much. So classy. :3

    1. I completely agree! Ah, I love them! I watched them all through X Factor and wanted them to win SO BAD.

    2. Oh, man! You're an older fan than I am, then. I'm a recent convert, haha. Just started listening to them at the beginning of this year-- them and Ed Sheeran. :D Gah, I love me some British kids. And Irish. <3

      I watched snips of the X Factor on Youtube, though, and ohmygosh they were so cute. Niall especially looks so much younger...! Man I wish I woulda known about them back then. :]
      And their documentary~ I loved it. :D So fabulous~

    3. Haha, I agree. British and Irish guys are pretty great. :] And they've all grown up so much, I know! They were so cute then! I actually didn't know they had a documentary, though. What's it called?

    4. Oh, bother, I'm not sure. It's on youtube, though. I think it's called One Year or The First Year or something? It's not a huge deal-- it's only like a half of an hour, but it's 1D so it's like a half of an hour of bliss and happiness. :P

      Sorry I don't know the name! I hope you can find it. ^____^