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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


There are some feelings that can be described by words.  There are some emotions that have names.  There are those that are called 'happy', named 'sad', described as 'excited'.  They have titles.  They have forms.  They have shapes and definite shades to them.  They're the definite, the solid.

And then there are feelings.  There are true, exuberant, overflowing feelings that have no name.
Listening to Illuminate and the mist of purple that comes over my brain, the feeling of sitting and making bracelets with a best friend, both age seven, listening to David Crowder on a Sunday afternoon.
The sleepy feeling that settles somewhere in the back of my brain when I think of that day when I had nothing to do.  That one specific day and the freezing there was on my mind.
The thrill that comes through me at the thought of mountains.  There aren't any words for that one, just a feeling of majestic, natural (meaning of nature, you know) colors (so many colors!) and feeling (all kinds-- absolutely all--) and height and passion and wonder and no, there just really aren't any words for this at all--

There just aren't.  There are feelings with words, and then there are emotions, true emotions, and there aren't any words or any reason or shape to them, just smoky, dancing color and vibrant taste and the most vivid feeling that absolutely nothing can capture.


 There are some things I wish to communicate and I just can't, because I'm a person.  There aren't any words for this.  None.
It . . .is slightly disappointing.

But then I'm glad there are aspects to humanity I haven't got figured out yet.

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  1. Goodness. I know exactly what you mean. (warning: this may seem off-topic, but it actually isn't) every year for the musical I'm in, we fill out 4-5 characterization sheets. on one it says "what three emotions characterize 'you'?" and I never know what to say! so yes. I've found that the real, raw, deep emotions can't be put into words at all. instead, I put them into music. or colors. words are too harsh for those feelings.