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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cloudy with a High of 75

Where has the sunshine gone?

I don't feel as though it's completely disappeared.  On the contrary, often I often see it peek out from behind the fluffy clouds covering the sky and I can feel its fingers brush against my face before it slips back into hiding out of sight.

There is still sunshine.  I just don't know where it's gone.

It's not like there's no brightness.  There's plenty.  There's gallons.  I've just been busy, and business doesn't let you stop to look up into the big blue sky for rays of light before tugging at your wrist to keep on following it.

I don't think I need sunshine all of the time anyway.  It's all right to have a rainy day.  It's all right to sit in the shade of the clouds.

Or work in it.

The sunshine never left completely.  It's just not here presently.  It's behind the scenes, underfoot, hiding in the littlest things.  And I know it's there.  I'm content with this.

It just hasn't been coming out to play.  And so I can't write about what I can't see.  What I can't feel.

It's been cloudy lately.

But they're terrifically beautiful clouds.


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  1. I love the description here. It's so, so awesome. 8)