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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Amazing grace.

When I hear that song, my immediate thought is flowers.  Not typically, but just for today.  Flowers, pushing forward, up toward the sun.  Forcing their way through the gritty mire of the ground.  The slender green stalks looking so fresh and so vulnerable out there in the wide open air.  The green that slowly fades to white, the white that gradually unfurls, turns its weary face up to the sun and is refreshed.

Beauty from ashes

Today I think of the wind that sways the newborn flowers gently.  It's a celebration.  A celebration about what comes from the ashes and dirt and sand that is our lives.

It's beautiful.

Amazing grace.


Completely bewildering.  Breathtaking.  Awe-inspiring.  Full of wonder.  Incredible.  It leaves you without any idea as to how it happened.


It's what comes from the gritty mire of our hearts
if we let Him have us


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