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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's like slow death.

A torture that is completely unprecedented.

There's no reason.

There is absolutely no stupid reason.

Why on earth would the only word processor to fail in this house be the one that belongs to the girl who can't live a day without opening it?!

I have stories to write!


Homework that has to be done!

And now you're telling my my word processor doesn't work?!

WHY THE HECK NOT??!?!?!?!?!

Such a cruel betrayal.

Whatever shall my words do now?

There's no virtual paper and ink for them to be captured by.

And if they can't be captured they might attack an innocent bystander!

They might KILL SOMEONE!

Clearly my Microsoft Word is necessary to my sanity and health at this point in my life.

So why did it bail on me?



  1. Only it's not a day, it's been like a month. It'll get better if I disconnect from the internet or I repair it three times before I try to open it or I hold my head the right way, but then it stops working again.

    I just want to writeeeeeeee ;_________:

    When I get my paycheck I might just ditch it and get Scrivener because I can. haha

  2. Get Scrivener! It's 1.67 thousand times better.