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Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Years Past

Red lipstick
and classy high heels

Bowling hats
and black and white wingtips

Music and dancing
Twirling skirts and laughing groups

not found now
But I don't think it's because it doesn't exist

It's because girls have forgotten to act with grace
And boy to open the doors

It's because boys forgot to walk closer to cars
and girls to lower their voices

It's because we don't act with class
Or pretend we're worth respect

We are simply loud and demanding
Demanding and who wants to respect that?
Who will open her door?
Who will encourage him?

We've lost all our class

It's a sad, sad thing

but every time you slouch
and burp
and demonize yourself

you're not being funny

and you're not even being abnormal, anymore. . . .
you're just being

Class would be a beautiful thing to retain
and sophistication is so rare now


Sorry.  Just me thinking out loud, listening to old Christmas music, like Silver Bells and Let It Snow.

I miss when it was normal to be dignified.


  1. Christina! Wow, I really love this. I miss those days too. Not like I'm always the most graceful person (....often I'm the clumsiest), but I miss the days when people actually tried to be classy and graceful, and the days when there was such a thing as manners and people actually paid attention to them. *sigh* Sophistication IS rare. I miss it.

    Thanks for posting this! :)

  2. I was flipping though this book called "How To Live Like A Lady" in the store the other day and came across a note where it said you shouldn't talk like you're a bullhorn and you shouldn't laugh so loud the whole room can hear you. At first I was like, "Duh" and then I was like, "wait but I do that all the time."
    And then I realized . . . I know how to be classy. I just forget-- and I think that's a lot of people's issue. We just forget. (Not that that's an excuse :P)

    It's funny that you should say that, because you strike me as a very classy person. :]
    We should bring it back! Bringing classy back, one girl at a time. ;D

  3. It's so true! I want to be classy, but sometimes I just get so distracted and crazy that I become obnoxious, and definitely not classy. so sad.

    why thank you! I am hoping that my classy/sophisticated side starts overtaking my obnoxious, loud (thank you Italian genes) side. haha. and yes, we will definitely bring classy back! soon everyone will look at us and think, "wow, they were classy before classy was cool." ;)

  4. "We were classy before classy was cool." Best. Line. Ever. Let's do it. :D

  5. Christina, why are you so inspiring???? <3

  6. This is so true. I would blame it all on the guys (after all, it's been their duty to open doors for us since BEFORE TIME BEGAN and they keep forgetting how to do it. IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED) but it's really our fault to. If you ever watch this obscure little film called "A Man Called Peter", I think you'll like a speech given by his wife (before she was his wife. Yes. It's dramatic 8D). She talks about how the liberation of women has actually hurt them in the eyes of men rather than made them equal with men. I would quote from it, but I have an awful memory. It's a brilliant speech, though. It makes me want to... I don't know. Wear a hoop skirt or something!