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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm in a Funk


Frustrated frustrated frustrated.

I think today would be most perfectly described by a Switchfoot song if I only reworded the lyrics a little.

I'm not fine
I'm just bent on getting by
I'm not fine
I'm worse than just okay...

Today has just been one  of those days that demand stomping around barefoot, yelling at the empty house and being mad.  Mad at everything even though there's really nothing to be mad about.  Today has been one of those days where you stand at the window in front of your kitchen sink and glare at the snow and let out a little irked huff just because it looks pretty.

It's not a happy Relient K day.

It's more of a Doom soundtrack day.

Aggravated, aggravated, aggravated.

And aggravating.

Because there isn't anything to be mad about.  I mean little things yes.  Things don't go right.  Plans get messed up.  People are short with each other.

It's a time when usually I can just shrug and say, "Eh.  Ce la vie."

Unfortunately that day is not today.

I can only keep from totally despising my petty nature by hoping that when I'm not a teenager anymore my emotions will stable out a little and I won't feel like kicking a puppy on my bad days.

For now I'm just glad we don't have a puppy.


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  1. I know what those days are like...sometimes it takes a long time, but it always gets better. Trust me.