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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fall on your knees and hear those angel's voices . . .

I have been trying very hard to imagine, this whole Christmas season, what the night sky must have looked like when the angels appeared.

I've been squinting up into the midnight sky, peering through my windows and struggling to visualize the light suddenly bursting forth, the angels appearing from nowhere, the song.

From the sound of crickets and sheep munching on grass to glorious angel song.

From huddling in deep black air to standing beneath the brightness of the sun in the middle of the night.

From dozing off to all of that celebration.

I'd really love to have been there.  But until then, I guess I'll just stay here by my December window and breathe mist across the icy glass, staring up to the cloudy suburban sky and just wonder.  Wonder at it all.

From darkness to light.

From hopelessness to more hope than one could ever dream.

From separation from God to eternal and holy communion with Him in the realest sense.

From boundaries to curtains torn.

From piercing, ripping pain and bloody nails to heaven-- glorious heaven.

His plan is simply indescribable.

It takes the breath away from my very lungs


Oh Holy Night is such a beautiful picture of this.

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