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Friday, October 21, 2011

Time. No Wait, Attitude? And Then More Time. Yes.

There's been more of it lately.

Well, not more.  Perhaps I'm just taking better care of it now.  I'm still just as entranced by its ethereal side, with the past and the future; the mysteries wrapped up in time, memory, and the human ability to forget will never cease to enchant and perplex me.  But now there's a much more applicable side to my time.  I'm paying more attention to the now.

I always said taht you need to live in the now, to take care of business, to do what you need to and not just waste the seconds.

And yet I wasted more time than anyone that I know.

It's bizarre.

Kind of.  Also kind of expected.  I'm the kind of girl that finds it very easy to tell others what to do, and harshly, dishing our sarcasm and wit, but if you tell me what to do, give me some sass?  I'm affronted and I'll let you know.

I can dish it.  Taking it?  Why would I ever?

Anyway.  I was talking about time. (Sorry, I haven't done this in a while.  My brain train switched tracks on me there.)

As you take care of little things, important things, like your time, it's funny how things that are bigger, and more impactful, show up, eh?

If you're faithful with the small things, I suppose.

Anyway.  new opportunities are cropping up for me, and it's pretty exciting.  The future is a crazy exciting place, it looks like, and I am SO ready to see what it holds.


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