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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Names labels boundaries and oppressions

Hello, my name is ________________________.

The white space between the blue borders should not be so intimidating.  But every time he reaches for the Sharpie to scrawl his name, he watches his hand move in slow motion, and he hears his heart beat, feels his pulse, struggles to fill his lungs as the tip of the marker on the oppressive and horrifically blank nametag, and he tries not to think as the letters slowly form beneath it as though he wasn't writing at all, but it was being written for him and inflicted upon him instead of his hand inscribing

when it should be writing



  2. Haha, thanks~!
    Not really sure if it took me five minutes... it probably took me less, sitting at Coop during an hour when everyone else was in class. It was fun, though. And I used your signature maker! yes! :D