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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorry about today, Government Class

When everything inside of you is screaming no, shouting that something must be said, that you have the right answer and it has to come out now, now, now or you're going to explode, I am really no good at doing anything but pounding my hands on the table and expressing what I'm feeling, typically letting my emotions get the better of me.  My heart speeds up, I throw down whatever I'm working on, lean forward.  My voice gets loud and intense with feeling, and every conviction I've ever had is not, could not ever be more important that this thought, right now.  It's the most imperative thing, and you've got to listen.  You've got to.  It's so incredibly important.

Perhaps Government class isn't the perfect place to be shouting your opinion, though? Perhaps you ought to use your inside voice, Christina?

The teacher was amused.  He's had me in one of his classes before, and he knows that when I've got something, when I've really got something, it has to be said.  It has to come out, and it'll be passion-filled and verbose, if not true.  He understands, and I think it just makes him grin more than irritates him.

But the other kids in my class?

Yeah.  Sorry about today.  It's important stuff, I swear.  Nature of man, guys.  I'm excitable.  It's relevant.

Maybe not the best combo, but ehh.  What can you do?



  1. Ah, how often I wage the war of the bedroom with my parents when they say that it's messy :3 It's ART!

    That said, my parents are always right XD

  2. Heehee! I feel like you were trying to post this on Messy messy Teenage girl Room, but yosh. It is art! Living art!

    They are. Every time. XD