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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Connection Problems

Today my internet was dead.
Diagnose connection problems? It invited.
Wouldn’t that be nice if we had a Diagnose connection problems button for our lives?
We have to go about determining the problems with our relationships ourselves.
Sometimes it’s easy, like we haven’t been spending enough time with people, or we were short with someone, or the other person is just really busy.
Those can be fixed pretty easily.  A cup of coffee, a lunch date, a card, an apology.  Sometimes it’s easy.
But other times it’s hard. When you just can’t figure someone out, and everything you’ve been saying is somehow offensive to someone, and you just don’t click with your best friend anymore.  When relationships drive you crazy.
That’s when you’ve got to humble yourself and seek some outside advice.  Pray.  Read the Bible.  Talk to someone.  Admit you’re not incredibly smart and don’t have all of this put together yourself.  When you admit that you need someone’s help... or Someone’s help.


  1. Very true, Pippin. I love your take on something most of us see every day in this day and age XP

  2. I saw it and I was like, "Huh..." and then my thought process kind of erupted and I was like, "FIVE MINUTES. NOW." haha