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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aching Defeat

Bleeding, aching fingers drag you across the ground. Your tears flow from your throbbing eyes, and they sting the cuts in your flesh.  The scalding ground is numbing your flesh, only to have the sharp rocks rip across your skin as you inch forward.  Every movement is excruciating.
You struggle to turn your head, to glance back at your torn feet.  They are embedded with shards of glass from the prior miles of your journey, making all hope of walking impossible.  Instead, you continue to scrape your body across the vicious earth, struggling to make it to your destination, the city where you can rest, and your pain will be taken from you.
You begin to feel the terrain change, and the ground is suddenly sloping up.  The city is on the other side of a ridge, you know.  Desperately, you attempt to pull yourself faster up to the crest, struggling to see across the earth to catch a sight of your salvation.
You can’t quite see.  You heft yourself up, stones impaling your hands, and you can’t take it.  You fall, and your face hits the ground.  A shard slashes the skin above your eye, but it only adds to the lacerations already on your face.  You grit your teeth, and attempt to raise yourself again.
The landscape is flat, for miles, until another small ridge rises up over the steaming, volcanic glass valley.
Your salvation is nowhere in sight.


This is how I felt while I worked on homework this morning.